About Us

About Us

SOSAD Ireland is a charity with centers in Drogheda, Dundalk, Navan, Cavan, Carrickmacross, and Tullamore.

Our Goals:

1 – To raise awareness of suicide in Ireland

2 – To break the stigma surrounding suicide

3 – To provide support and direction to those feeling depressed and/or suicidal

4 – To provide support and direction to those who may know someone feeling suicidal

5 –  To provide support and direction to those who have been bereaved by suicide

SOSAD also has a range of supports available for anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide.

Every volunteer at SOSAD is committed to providing the very best possible care and support to every client and we also do all we can to help their families cope through this difficult time.

We carry out suicide interventions, psychological assessments and offer free counselling to anyone who needs it.

To inquire about any of the services at SOSAD please contact one of our locations HERE!

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SOSAD Ireland provides support for clients in several ways:

A Safe & Comfortable place to talk and be listened to

Initial Meeting [to establish need]

Professional Counselling

Bereavement Support

Follow-up Support

Referral to most appropriate Support Service available

We have 6 offices:
Cavan: 26 Bridge Street, Cavan Town 049-4326339
email: sosadcavan@gmail.com

Louth: 30 Magdalene Street, Drogheda 041-9848754
email: sosaddrogheda@gmail.com

Louth: 42 Jocelyn Street, Dundalk 042-9327311
email: sosaddundalk@gmail.com

Meath: 29 Canon Row, Navan 046-9077682
email: sosadnavan@gmail.com

Monaghan: 6 Parnell Street, Carrickmacross 042-9668992
email: sosadcarrickmacross@gmail.com

Offaly: O’Moore Street, Tullamore 057-9346704
email: sosadtullamore@gmail.com

Our service is completely free.