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Drogheda LGBTQ+ Book Club

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Drogheda LGBTQ+ Book Club

Drogheda Book Collective, along with Outcomers Drogheda, are delighted to announce their new Drogheda LGBTQ+ Book Club, starting with a 30mins Introductory and Q&A Session over Zoom next Tuesday, the 9th of February 2021 @ 8pm.

This is an exciting new book club for readers of queer fiction. For the introductory session, there will be a discussion about what kind of reading the group wants to do; some titles will be listed and the participants will get a chance to vote on what to read first.

So if you are a fan of reading, or even looking for a reason to dip into some queer literature during lockdown, then here is the excuse you’re looking for.

You can register by clicking the button below or by contacting Outcomers Drogheda on

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