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Helpline Privacy Policy

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Helpline Privacy Policy

Discretion and confidentiality are critically important to our service. The client’s privacy is paramount and clients can be assured of confidentiality and have confidence when using our service.  

We regularly review our privacy notice, this was last reviewed in February 2021 

What Data do we collect and process?

  • For each call we receive, we record the number, the name you wish to use, other personal details you chose to share and a short summary of the call content.
  • If you call us for a referral into the office, we will ask you for details such as your location or phone number if we cannot access it, it is your choice if you wish to give them to us. 

How your Data is used

  • Only the volunteer you are talking to, and supervisory staff will have access to your conversation, unless there is an emergency situation where we have to pass on information to a third party as outlined in our confidentiality policy.
  • We use you data to create statistical information that is unidentifiable for use in reports and allow us to improve our service. 
  • We use unidentifiable case studies to improve training and our service over all. 

Data Retention

  • We secure all of your Data securely in Ireland.
  • We have controls including policies and procedures, in place to protect your personal data from loss, misuse, alteration or unintentional destruction. SOSAD Ireland carries our regular checks to ensure it's safety.  Please note we cannot control the security of the call via your device and network. 
  • We store all data in line with our Data Retention policy, and can be held to a maximum of 7 years. We do not hold Data for any longer than necessary.

Your Rights With Your Data

Below is a summery of your rights in relation to your Data under EU law. Some restrictions do apply. 

  • Right of accessing your Data
  • Rectification of your Data
  • Right of Erasure of your Data
  • Right to Object 
  • Right to Data portability
  • Right to restrict data processing
  • Right to refuse profiling

If you have a request in relation to your Data please Email carolwest@SOSADireland.ie in relation to this. 

We aim to resolve all Data requests within 30 days of the request being made. 

Processing your information outside the EEA

Some of third parties we share your data with may reside outside the European Economic Area (which currently comprises the Member states of the European Union plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). If we do this, your information will be treated to the same standards adopted in Ireland and include the following data protection transfer mechanisms:

Model Clauses (also known as Standard Contractual Clauses) are standard clauses in our contracts with our service providers to ensure that any personal data leaving the EEA will be transferred in compliance with EU data-protection law. Copies of our current Model Clauses are available on request.
Transfers to countries outside the EEA which have an adequate level of protection as approved by the European Commission (such as the United Kingdom).
Transfers permitted in specific situations where a derogation applies as set out in Article 49 of the GDPR. For example, where it is necessary to transfer information to a non-EEA country to perform our contract with you.

Abuse of The Service

Anyone who is found to be abusing the service or volunteers will be banned from using the service. What we constitute or abuse ins inclusive of but not exhaustive of the below list. 

  • Any language of an abusive manner toward volunteers including insults and anything of a threatening, sexual, inappropriate or harmful manner. 
  • Copying, recording or any form of sharing conversations from the SOSAD Ireland messaging service. The only exception for this is if there has been any inappropriate or illegal activity from the Volunteer. If this occurs please contact us immediately. 
  • Any Spam or prank calls.
  • Using the service in any way to break the law.