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Hug A Bear Campaign

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Hug A Bear Campaign - Eugene Garvey

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Hug A Bear campaign by Eugene Garvey.

Eugene wants to help raise awareness and funds for suicide prevention and has come up with the ‘Hug A Bear’ campaign. The idea is that people take photos or videos of themselves hugging a teddy bear, maybe with a message, or not, saying who the hug is for, post it on social media tagging and challenging others to do likewise and donating to the ‘Hug a Bear’ GoFundMe page.

Eugene said: ''I am asking everyone young and old to dust down their old bear, if you don’t have a bear use a pillow or even hug a tree. Take a photo or a video, write a message and use #HugABear #Hug4Hope. Challenge others to do the same and go to and donate what you can''.

To donate to the Hug A Bar Campaign, click on the link below:
Go Fund Me Page

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