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Mental Health Art Exhibition

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Mental Health Art Exhibition

Aisling Slattery Fanning

Artist, Monaghan


I began my art career studying Graphic Design and Interior Design in Galway but didn't find my passion until completing a portfolio course in Cavan IT then going on to receive my B. A in Fine art in Sligo It. As a student I exhibited in both ceramics and painting in Sligo, Carrick on Shannon and as far as England. 

My approach to art has always stemmed from emotion response. Whether the material is political, abstract, skyscape the initial concept is usually based in an emotional trigger. My approach to painting is usually mixed media, painting, drawing, sewing, even collage usually make an appearance in all of my finished pieces. 

As a mother of four my art work has taken a back seat of late. I started this piece as an exercise but it became a piece in its own right. While working on this bodhran our group of friends experienced a sudden loss a friend took their own life. Seeing the fall out of such a heart breaking event on some of my closest friends experiencing this loss, the sadness, seeing them struggle to adjust, to grieve, it felt hopeless and confusing. My natural response is to create, by creating I self sooth my emotions. In this case, it has resulted in a therapeutic expression that I hope speaks of the power of healing but also to celebrate a friendship we have lost.

Connor Fagan

Artist, Cavan


“The Mulberry Tree by Vincent Van Gogh was painted in October 1889 a year before Vincent’s death.  It was done during a time of highs and lows.  A time of great self - awareness and yet he was surrounded by chaos.

Colm Glennon

Artist, Cavan


“These are the roads I’ve travelled but now I’ve come to a road I’m happy to take. One day at a time.”

Sarah Jane Hopkins

Artist, Louth

Sarah Jane Hopkins

Artist, Louth

Sarah Jane Hopkins

Artist, Louth

Niamh Magill

Artist, Louth

Dorothy Murphy



" Woman Holding The Weight of her World".

Sophie Burke

Artist, Louth


''This piece was created around what depression can feel and look like to someone who is struggling with it. I've surrounded the girl who is struggling with her mental health with toxic quot​es that some people have said to others who were in a bad place mentally.''

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