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New Year; Same Old Me

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Written by Paul Conway

New Year; Same Old Me

Nothing has changed

The clock strikes midnight: the images on the TV are jovial; social media is electric with inspirational pictures and quotes of a year gone by and a new year to come. People proudly share the goals they have reached and the challenges that they have overcame, and they look forward to doing even more great things in this new year. You take it all in. The joy, the triumph, the excitement, and you begin to cry, because it is indeed a new year, but for you, it is the same old you. Same old feelings, anxieties, and life.

Things can change

You decide like every year that this year things can change. You read the self-help books and promise yourself to get out of the house more. You feel empowered and are encouraged by those around you. You are on a high of hope! And then it ends… Perhaps not! Maybe, you think to yourself, that yes, this indeed can be the year of change. A year to the life and happiness you want and deserve. But how? Why will this year be any different? It is different for the simple fact that you are still here, experiencing life, listening, learning, and looking for a better situation. You keep going because you are strong, always trying, always pushing forward.

Keep pushing forward

As we approach the end of this blog, always remember, and never forget, that you are stronger than you think. You deserve the life you want, and you can get it! It probably won’t happen tomorrow, or not even after a week or a month; but keep strong, you have already come so far, and you will get there. Be kind and patient with yourself; at the very least you deserve that.


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