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Real Talks

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The well-being hub will promote positive mental health and feature mental skills masterclasses with former Cavan goalkeeper Alan O’Mara, who now works as a performance and well-being coach with sports and business leaders around the world. 

The well-being hub also includes powerful conversations with leading figures such as Rory O’Connor (Rory’s Stories), David Balfe (For Those I Love) and Leanne Kiernan (Liverpool FC and Ireland). They share important life lessons and explore various aspects of well-being such as depression, grief, resilience, confidence and more. 

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Episode 1 - Rory O’Connor (aka Rory’s Stories)

Rory O’Connor explains how he worked through his mental health struggles to become an online sensation, a stand up comedian and a published author. We talked about failure, fear, self-awareness, authenticity and much more.

Full Conversation with Rory O’Connor:

Episode 2 - Self-Awareness with Alan O’Mara

What is self-awareness? Why is self-awareness important?How can you develop self-awareness? 

Self-awareness helps us monitor our thoughts, feelings and actions. It’s taking a pause, and getting into a state of self–focused attention. Self-awareness allows us to have better control over our emotions and behaviors. 

Listen to Rory O’Connor talk about the importance of self-awareness below. 

Episode 3 - Resilience with Alan O’Mara

What is resilience and why is it important? How can you develop resilience? 

Resilience is a crucial mental skill at the center of the well-being journey. Life challenges us all in different ways but resilience can help us to both survive and thrive.

Episode 4 - David Balfe (aka For Those I Love)

David Balfe is a renowned musician that has featured on some of the world’s biggest stages. His self-titled album, For Those I Love, won Irish album of the year.

In this episode, David talks about self-worth, depression and panic attacks. He talks about the power of counselling and the long and winding process of learning to cope, survive and live again after mental health challenges.  He talks about the good and bad of growing up in Dublin and the power of music.

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