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Written by Paul Conway


Building Resilience

We all have the ability to be resilient. Our degree of resilience can be dependant upon many factors such as:

  • Upbringing/Life experiences

  • Age

  • Demeanour/Character

  • Role models

  • Support network

The cold shower

The first time we have an extremely, ice-cold shower, we want nothing more than to jump immediately out into warmer, more tolerable surroundings. The second time around things become a small amount more bearable, and by the third or fourth time, we are starting to become more acclimated to the coldness of the water.

Over time we may even feel the water is not cold enough! The same thoughtology of building resilience/habituation can be applied to most challenges in life. By exposing our bodies and minds to that which causes us distress, we allow ourselves to adapt and become stronger and in turn more resilient.  

There are, of course, more challenging life events/circumstances for which building resilience is not the answer. Never be afraid to reach out and ask for help. There are many options:

  • GP

  • Hospital


  • Friend/Family 

  • Neighbour

  • Sport/Social club

  • Support group


Am I a resilient person

If you are reading this, then the answer is an astounding, YES! Continuing to get up every day, and continuing to progress with your life, shows your strength and resilience. 

Each and every day you live and experience adds to your mental arsenal. The you of today, simply is a stronger person than the you of yesterday. 

Keep strong, and keep building your resilience, and never be afraid to ask for help on your journey. One man’s ‘weakness’ is another’s ‘strength’ Some are afraid of spiders, and some think that is silly. Some are afraid of flying, and some are even more afraid of flying spiders!!


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