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Support SOSAD Ireland via Vhi VIRTUAL Women’s Mini Marathon!

I NEED HELP NOW!   041 984 8754

Support SOSAD Ireland via Vhi Virtual Women's Marathon! 

For this years Vhi VIRTUAL Women's Mini Marathon 2020, why not consider setting up your online fundraising project for us? This way, you can share it with your friends and family and get in 20 more donations!

We rely solely on Donations, Fundraising and Grants. Any donation no matter how big or small is greatly appreciated as your generosity and support allows us to keep delivering our life saving service to the community. Your donation, can contribute towards funding: a crisis phone call, crisis intervention with a support worker, professional counselling, keeping the office open, helplines and much more. 

We work towards breaking the stigma of suicide and creating a community safe from suicide. Supporting those who are suicidal, those who are going through life's challenges, and those who have been bereaved by suicide.

In 2019 across our services: 

- We provided 15,403 counselling hours.
- 853 new clients approached us for counselling.
- 36% of these clients felt suicidal, had suicide plans in place or were self harming.
- 6% of clients were receiving support for bereavement by suicide.

What Happens on Race Day?

In the lead up to, and on Race day itself, we want you to get involved on every step of the way. We want to hear your stories on your social media platforms. Tag us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

#VhiWMM @VhiWMM ​

Facebook @sosad.ireland 

Twitter @SOSAD_Ireland

Instagram #sosadireland3030_

We want you to do 10k your way. With friends, in your garden, in one go, or maybe you’d prefer to spread the distance over a few days. – you decide! We can’t be together, but we want to celebrate your achievements together with you over social media. You will not need to submit a time for the Virtual 10km.

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If you would like to contribute to our charity, please click:

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6 Parnell Street 


26 Bridge Street


30 Magdalene Street


42 Jocelyn Street


29 Canon Row



042 966 8992 

049 432 6339

041 984 8754

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