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The Power To Keep Going

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Written by Paul Conway

The Power To Keep Going

A Story

It is the middle of winter: dark, cold, wet. The alarm clock screeches signalling another day of nothingness. No: job, friends, family, or hope. Nevertheless, you get out of bed and complete the mandatory morning routine. Breakfast is eaten. Teeth are brushed. The dog is fed. The job search has begun.

A New Story Needed

As the old Adage states, ‘It is always darkest before the dawn.’ You may have lost much, but you have gained something invaluable – Strength. Your unpleasant experiences have shaped your mind; making it a battle-hardened warrior, ready for any battle.  YOU ARE STRONG.

Strength as defined by Oxford English Dictionary is; “The quality or state of being physically strong.” It is your mind that has gone to the gym of life and worked-out every day. You kept going when all seemed pointless. You proceeded with the day when all appeared meaningless, and you braved a smile when all seemed hopeless. YOU ARE STRONG.

You are ready for a new story to begin.

Beginning The New Story

So where to begin? What we are doing is not working, so what shall we do? 

Reach out; ask questions. Only by asking questions can we attain answers. Perhaps reach out to:

  • Friend/Family 

  • Member of community

  • Neighbour

  • GP


  • Advice bodies (MABS, INTREO, Citizens Information)

  • Sports/Social Clubs

  • Voluntary Organisations

  • Local Businesses

  • Support Groups 

Everybody at some point or another is in the need for help. Life is too complicated a journey to navigate on our own. 

You have the strength; now you just need the direction. Keep strong; keep asking questions. Your new life path awaits you. It may take time. It may require a lot of perseverance and patience. Your strength may be tested, but you will prevail. You have The Power To Keep Going and begin your New Story. 



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