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Ward Brothers 300k January Challenge

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Ward Brothers 300k January Challenge


We are two brothers from Lough Egish in County Monaghan and have both been affected in our lives by sight loss. We know that any experience of loss can adversely affect mental health, and the demands on mental health support services continue to grow significantly during the COVID19 pandemic.

We ask for your support in our bid to run 300k in the month of January 2021 to raise awareness and much-needed funds for the impactful work of SOSAD Ireland.

SOSAD (Save Our Sons and Daughters) Ireland 

  • Provides professional counselling and support services free of charge to people who are affected by depression or anxiety, at risk of self-harm, have suicidal ideation or are suicidal.
  • Provided 15,500 hours of support during 2019 in counties Monaghan, Cavan, Louth and Meath with new services planned for Kells and Monaghan Town.
  • Operate a 24 hour help line which has been expanded during the pandemic to those who are isolated and need someone to talk to.

Thanks for your support!

Tony & Breandan Ward 

If you would like to contribute to our charity, please click:

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26 Bridge Street


30 Magdalene Street


42 Jocelyn Street


29 Canon Row



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041 984 8754

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