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A Christmas Story – Ella the Nervous Collie

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Written by Paul Conway

A Christmas Story – Ella the Nervous Collie

The Night Before

It is the night before Christmas, the children are excited, the adults are festive, and the pets are curious as to what all the commotion is about! Children giggle, adults sing, and the pets make their own noises of excitement in a refreshing candour of the festive period. One such candid spectator of the Christmas jollity is Ella Fitzgerald, the Collie.


Ella Fitzgerald, named after the singer, is now an eight year old Collie rescued on her first year of life. Ella’s exact past is unknown, but with constant love from her new family, her scars of the past have been nearly fully healed.

First Christmas Gift

Although now loving life with her new family, Ella remains shy and scares easily. Her first Christmas in her new home brought with it added anxiety for Ella. The extra commotion in the home made her uneasy. The Christmas lights flashing startled her. The new aromas created a confusion within her. However, Ella did have one go to; one thing that helped her relax: her chewing. She loves to chew. One can see her in her element when starting to explore a new toy or bone, excited to chew it to smithereens. She loves chewing! So, it goes without saying that her first Christmas gift had to be something she could chew on. As expected, when placed on the ground in front of her, Ella approached the small tightly wrapped package in front of her with great trepidation. She sniffed and sniffed and sniffed some more. And after even more sniffing, she finally mustered up the courage to begin to tear the wrapping paper off. A few short seconds later, Ella’s eyes lit up as her long canines ripped open the wrapping paper to reveal a new toy bone. She immediately grasped it in her mouth, ran upstairs and remained there chewing in bliss until she smelt dinner cooking of course! So that is the story of Ella’s first Christmas. I hope you enjoyed reading this silly little tale. Perhaps it brought back some fond memories of your own.

Merry Christmas

Paul & The SOSAD Team


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