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In Memory of David Bobby Bourton

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In Memory of David Bobby Bourton

In memory of David Bobby Bourton,  there are a number of fundraising events organised to raise awareness about mental health and much needed funds for SOSAD Ireland. To view more information about the events, please click the button below. 

About Bobby

Bobby who would be 50 years of age this year on the 11th of November, passed away to suicide almost 25 years ago on the 13th of January, 1997. Those who knew him, would know that if he would be with us here now, he would be celebrating his birthday with all of his friends and family. Bobby, with his cheeky smile, always up to some form of divilment, was the life and soul of any party, event or gathering. 

The cliche of being the life and soul of the party and the respect he had by anyone who knew him has left a huge impact on the local community. 25 years later, the loss has still left a void in the hearts of his loved ones. 

He was loved by anyone who would have known him. Especially by his mam and dad who may Rest in Peace and who were never the same after the loss of their son. He was very loved by his family, especially his nieces, nephews and all of his many cousin's who he always made great time for. He was loved by his circle of friends, club mates in Kilkerley GFC and even opposition players. 

Francis, his brother said: 

‘’It may be 25 years but it certainly doesn’t feel any longer than a few months at times. If he was here now, he would be the first person to try and help someone, whether it was a friend, a stranger or anyone in need. This day is a tribute to Bobby, to remember him, and honour his name. For the parents' anniversary, my mother wrote a poem saying that: 

” Someday we will be with our loving son in heaven. All three of us will be together. ‘’ 

As a brother he was everything in the world, from someone who would help you, always up for a laugh with a cheeky grin and somebody who was up to a lot of mischief. He was a joker, a friend and a great brother to me. He was a loyal and caring person who is missed by everyone, every day. He was one in a million and there was and is no one like him. YNWA bro’’.

''When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high and don't be afraid of the dark at the end of the storm. There's a golden sky and the sweet silver song of the lark''

If you are struggling right now, feeling overwhelmed or just need someone to talk to, please reach out! 

You can walk into the SOSAD office, call, text, or use the web chat support service. 

SOSAD Dundalk Address: 42 Jocelyn Street, Dundalk

Helpline: 042 932 7311

Link to web chat support service: https://direct.lc.chat/12408609

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