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Celebrating World Mental Health Day with Goodera

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Celebrating World Mental Health Day with Goodera 

We sat down with our partner Goodera, a technology platform that enables non-profits to create a sustainable impact and raise awareness around World Mental Health Day, volunteering, and more. 

SOSAD Ireland celebrated World Mental Health Day with Goodera last month.
Member, Christine spoke to Team Goodera about many things- the challenges faced by the people dealing with mental health issues, how far we have come in mainstreaming the importance of mental health, and how we can bridge the gap between those who are dealing with such problems and those who actually receive help.

But one question posed by the Goodera team stirred an interesting exchange of views—“What can corporate volunteers do to help those struggling with mental health problems?”—was particularly enlightening to find the ways these employees could volunteer by lending an ear to an individual struggling with their mental wellness.  

This campaign was truly inspirational. It gave us a clear picture of the astounding spirit of curiosity that has come to define Goodera’s culture and the power of borderless virtual solutions to further the cause of World Mental Health Day.

In a study conducted by National Alliance on Mental Health, 20.6% of U.S. adults experienced mental health issues in 2019 which makes up a total of 51.5 million people.
We must bring the conversations like these forward. 

It was a pleasure to find solutions and further our cause of supporting people with mental health issues in collaboration with Goodera. We look forward to people around the world identifying, acknowledging mental health problems, and helping themselves and others to bring about a positive impact in society.

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