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Fronstepsproject photography project for SOSAD

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Frontstepproject Photography Project for SOSAD

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Hi! We are Marta Nash and Joanna Wysmyk. We are 2 photographers from Navan, currently out of work due to Covid-19 circumstances.

We have adapted a worldwide photography project called #TheFrontStepsProject that focuses on bringing a little joy and smiles to the community by providing a quick 5 min photo session while practicing social distancing and making lifetime memories during the Covid-19 lockdown.

We have chosen a local charity called SOSAD Ireland because we feel that many people’s mental health has been affected by such strange time we are currently living in.
We are asking everyone who we photograph to make a small but generous donation to this wonderful charity. 

If you would like a portrait taken at your front door please donate an amount of your choice and get in touch with either Marta Nash or Joann Wysmyk for date and time that suits to have your portrait taken. We will only cover area within a 5km distance from our home. Navan, Co.Meath area only.

Please note — guidelines are in place to keep everyone safe — and distant.
1.The session must take place within 5 km of our location. Bru na habhainn or Silverlawn, County Meath
1. We will give you your scheduled time and also send you a text when I am 5 minutes from arrival so you can step outside.
2. We will photograph your family using a long lens from a distance of at least 10 feet.
3. You can be photographed on your front step, your front porch, your doorway …. wherever you choose that will allow for us to remain at least 10 feet apart
4. After snapping some quick images I will get in my car and leave

You can dress up, dress down, even wear your pjs….. take a serious picture or be as silly as you want …. doesn’t matter to me… I just want to capture your family and give you a reason to smile during these trying times and to give back to my community.
There is no charge for your front steps portraits — all I ask is you do the following:
1. Images will be posted on Facebook and Instagram using #frontstepsproject (this is one of the criteria for this project)

2.  Please make a small donation to this wonderful charity

Marta Nash and Joanna Wysmyk

If you would like to contribute to our charity, please click:

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6 Parnell Street 


26 Bridge Street


30 Magdalene Street


42 Jocelyn Street


29 Canon Row



042 966 8992 

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041 984 8754

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