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Navan Pride: Dating Amber

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In Support of Navan Pride & SOSAD Ireland

27 Jun 2023, Solstice Arts Centre

English | Ireland | 92 mins | 2020 | Cert: 15A | Dir: David Freyne

DATING AMBER is a poignant, honest and funny look at the highs and lows of teenage life where the only way to fit in is to not be yourself, even if this goes against your very being.

Set-in Ireland during the mid-90’s, Eddie and Amber decide to stage a relationship in order to stop everyone speculating about their sexuality. Eddie is keen to follow his Dad into the military, while Amber dreams of moving to the liberal hub of London. However, their ‘ideal’ arrangement begins to fall apart, forcing Eddie deeper in to denial as Amber realizes that a perilous future awaits her best friend unless she intervenes.

DATING AMBER is a love letter to all those kids who grew up in a small town and who needed to escape in order to be themselves.

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