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PayPal Community Impact Grant

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We at SOSAD are delighted to be part of the PayPal Community Impact Grant!

PayPal employees recently cast their votes in this year’s PayPal Community Impact Grants Program, which awards local nonprofits with monetary grants, access to volunteers, pro bono support and other capacity-building resources. Nearly 11,000 PayPal employees in more than 24 countries participated in this year’s selection program and awarded grants of up to $20,000 to 71 organisations in communities around the world.

PayPal employees in Ireland awarded four local nonprofit(s) with $20,000 grants:

  • As I am – Ireland’s national autism charity
  • Women’s Aid Dundalk – provides supported housing for women and children who have experienced domestic violence
  • Little Blue Heroes – helps the families of children with life-threatening and life-limiting condition(s)
  • SOSAD – raises awareness and helps prevent suicide in Ireland

The nonprofits selected further PayPal’s key impact areas: economic empowerment, financial health, environmental sustainability and social justice. In addition to the grants, these organisations will have the ability to share best practices and connect with each other over the next year. PayPal’s employees also will work with the nonprofit partners to maximise sustainable impact.

PayPal employees will support these organisations through giving and volunteerism. PayPal employees will use their skills during volunteer events to advance the mission of these nonprofit organisations and further the company’s impact within the communities where PayPal employees live and work. By including all PayPal employees in the grantmaking process, we bring diverse perspectives together to understand how we can best serve communities.

Show Your Support
To further highlight and celebrate these grant recipients, each organisation is being highlighted locally on the PayPal Giving Fund platform (where available). For those interested in making their own contribution, each organisation's donation link can be found below:

For more information on PayPal’s Community Impact Program, please visit PayPal About Us.

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