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#Skate4SOSAD – 2022

I NEED HELP NOW!   041 984 8754

#Skate4SOSAD - 2022

#Skate4SOSAD - 2022

Calling all Skateboarders, Roller-skaters & Rollers of all kinds!

Grow & show your skills, whether you're an amateur or an enthusiast, we would love you to get involved. We mean Rollers of all kinds - Scooters, Flickers & BMX's. 

Complete 30 days of Skate4SOSAD - Be it a long distance spin or perfecting your favourite trick.

Become a participant on our Rallyup crowdfunding page & gain donations for completing 30 days of #Skate4SOSAD

Upon signing up, you will receive a personal link to raise funds towards to your goal.

Before the event, you will receive a 30 day story tracker for Instagram/Facebook stories.

Record & set your daily goals & use the hashtag #Skate4SOSAD on your stories to raise awareness for our charity and get the donations ROLLING in. 

We want to see you guys out and about so please feel free to share videos and pictures. Don't forget to tag our social media in your posts & stories.

Let's get rolling!

If you have any questions about signing up, Please do not hesitate to contact:

Siobhan - siobhan@sosadireland.ie

If you would like to contribute to our charity, please click:

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6 Parnell Street 


26 Bridge Street


30 Magdalene Street


42 Jocelyn Street


29 Canon Row


Unit 3 the Diamond

Monaghan Town



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049 432 6339

041 984 8754

042 932 7311

046 907 7682

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083 029 1706

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