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The Morning Routine

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Written by Paul Conway

The Morning Routine

Why & What For?

Each and every day is full of many different potential decisions and outcomes. Our day may be filled with good or not so good moments. 

A morning routine allows for us to start the day off right. It offers the chance to take control mentally and physically. Throughout the day we can often feel powerless, overwhelmed, or unsure. Our morning routine can become our constant; our dependable. If the day does start to become a little too hectic, we can look back to our morning routine, to when we showed strength, composure, and control.

Sample Routine

Get-up from bed on alarm first sounding - We are ready for the day, and not giving any time for potential doubts to fill our mind.

A warm shower - Relaxes the muscles and in turn the body.

Healthy breakfast - To help us maintain stamina throughout the day.

Mindfulness - A quick ten-minute mindfulness mediation to relax the mind, ready to tackle any potential challenges of the day ahead. 

Additional ideas: 

Your Routine

Your routine can be anything and everything. What makes you feel happy? What helps you feel calm and centred? We are all individuals with many different interests and beliefs. That is what makes the world so bright and interesting. Your morning routine should reflect your unique character. Have fun with your choices. Mix them up and test them out, and discover what works best for you.

Master of the Morning

Give your new routine time, perhaps 1-2 weeks. If not helping to improve your days, try changing it up. Introduce new concepts: maybe a bath instead of a shower, or a warm tea whilst reading. Your routine should be fully adjustable and cater to your needs. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas – We only know by trying and soon you will be a  Morning Routine master! 


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