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The Pause

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Written by Paul Conway

The Pause

Oprah Winfrey

Our Busy Lives

Albeit, our lives have slowed down with the influences of the current pandemic, we are nevertheless busy in many ways. Technology has assured that we are continuously synced in to the latest news update from: friends, family, work, and current affairs. With this instantaneous and constant influx of information, whether good or bad, it is easy and understandable to see oneself becoming overwhelmed. So, what should we do?

It is okay to take a break

Take a break. Make time for yourself.  As we all know, the world will not fall apart because we allowed ourselves a short rest-pause. 

  • Introduce an hour break from technology in your household
  • Go for a nap
  • Allow time for self-reflection
  • Practise mindfulness/mediation
  • Cook/bake your favourite foods
  • Record your feelings in a diary

Ultimately, do what makes you happy - What gives you satisfaction and ease.

William Wordsworth

Progressing The Pause

Through practise and perseverance, we can perfect, The Pause. Whether in a busy work environment or an overly chaotic household, The Pause can give us the time we need (if even just 5 minutes) to recuperate and replenish our mind and body; better able to tackle/enjoy the events ahead.

So, in a world that seems to mostly reward progression; take some time to digress; to pause, relax, and enjoy yourself.

And remember- It is okay to power off!


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