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The Sleep Routine

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Written by Paul Conway

The Sleep Routine

The Importance of Sleep

A quality, 6-8 hours of sleep has been shown to rejuvenate both body and mind. Often, in this fast pace world of ours, the importance of sleep can be overlooked or seemingly not possible.

Lack of quality sleep invites the possibility of an unproductive day filled with irritability and lack of concentration and of course, Tiredness!

The Sleep Routine

Why implement a sleep routine? A consistent and clear sleep routine sends a reaffirming signal to the brain that sleep time is imminent. We are hoping to simultaneously inform our brain we wish to now sleep and to clear our mind of today’s thoughts and tomorrow’s anxieties.

The Routine

Your sleep routine is unique to you. It should reflect what helps you relax and clear your mind. Below are some general ideas from which you may which to choose, personalise, and implement.

  • Go to bed at the same time every night

  • Unwind mind by stopping phone usage 30 mins - 1hr before bed

  • Ensure a dark and quiet room (when possible)

  • Comfortable bed

  • Guided mediation or sleep story

  • Lavender spray

  • Relaxing sounds/music

  • Consistent pre-bed routine (brush teeth, put on pyjamas, etc)

  • Only (when possible) use your bedroom for sleep

The Art of Napping

A ‘power nap’ can be a very beneficial tool to have in your arsenal. Aim to keep your nap short (10-20 mins). Anything longer can leave you feeling groggy - Mayo Clinic. 

Like your night’s sleep, a semblance of a sleep routine can supercharge your nap and help you get the best quality of sleep and in turn the energy and drive you need to complete the rest of your day.


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