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What is Normal?

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Written by Paul Conway

What is Normal?

So many questions

  • Am I tall enough?

  • Am I slim enough?

  • Am I smart enough?

  • Do I earn enough?

  • Is my family normal?

  • Am I normal?

  • What is normal?

Perhaps you can relate to some (or even all!) the questions above. We live in a society of comparisons; every day comparing what we have to our neighbours, friends, work colleagues, and even family members. 

And what for?

Why do we constantly compare and then try to repair our lives to better fit into whatever societal niche we chose to be a part of or happening to live amongst? 

The fake real world of social media

Over the past decade, social media has taken a firm grip on our reality. The images we see thereon we now equate to normal life. The airbrushed, photoshopped pictures are now taken as a gold standard. The unattainable and unrealistic is now in the mind of so many people worldwide, causing much doubt and insecurities to set in. Our Law prohibits a manufacturer from falsely advertising a product, but it is okay to fabricate body image alongside a made-up life. Perhaps blame the people for believing these lies? Then too perhaps, blame us all. 

Normal is boring

Humans are a ‘herd animal’. We are programmed in a sense, to follow the crowd. Follow the prevailing. Follow the norm. Follow whatever helps us to fit in. So making comparisons to your friends or work colleagues is in its own sense, normal. 

So let us try being ourselves today!

  • Wear what you want to wear

  • Pursue the job you want

  • Eat your favourite food

  • Watch your favourite film

  • Do something you enjoy

Be you! 

You is you, and that is perfect. Seize the day and start living your own life. No more wasted hours comparing and contrasting; only enjoying and experiencing. 


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