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All Alone

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Written by Paul Conway

All Alone

It is not difficult to feel alone

In a world of 8 billion people, it can be often too easy to feel all alone. Perhaps we spend too much time looking at screens, or perhaps our attitudes as a society are ever changing in the direction of, keeping oneself to oneself. Whatever the reason, many people experience loneliness and the sense of feeling all alone.

Each and every person is unique. We may at times dress the same, or even act in the same manner, but as a whole, our being is fully comparable to no other - so people not understanding us, or just not quite, ‘getting it’ is completely understandable and to be expected.

Alone - no more

Whether feeling alone and seeking companionship or having the feeling of aloneness due to trying circumstances in your life; you are not alone.

Perhaps try:

  • Joining a social/sport club

  • Calling into a neighbour

  • Reconnecting with family/friends

  • Attend community events

  • Leaving the house - engaging socially in any little way

  • Social media

  • Volunteering

  • New pet

And there is always support from:

  • SOSAD 


  • GP

  • Support Groups

Deciding to take the first step to improve your circumstances is not easy, and by doing so, you are showing immense strength and determination. It will require further strength and perseverance in continuing with the days ahead. The first social club you try may not be the right fit for you, or your GP didn’t say exactly what you had expected. Don’t become discouraged. Perhaps the next club or another doctor’s opinion is the door to your new life away from being alone. 

Today is your day. The first day of the new you. Mark it down; look at it, and admire you.

The world of 8 billion people awaits you to discover and enjoy. 

Always remember, you are not alone in feeling alone.


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