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Pull Yourself Up

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Pull Yourself Up

I chose SOSAD as the charity to support because of the work they do to help people who are struggling with suicidal ideation, self harming, depression, bereavement, stress and anxiety.The pandemic has amplified these emotions during the last 15 months. Some of us have dealt with it better than others but I believe many of us are in a position to help and inspire.Through this fundraiser I hope to inspire others to pull themselves up. 

The name of this fundraiser '' Pull Yourself Up'' highlights that exercise proves to be a fitting analogy for building mental strength. Specifically bodyweight and weight training where we expose our bodies to stress only to come out stronger. Having trained myself for the past 10 years and worked in the fitness industry for the last 5 I understand that getting fit stretches beyond the physical. I believe we all have the mental strength to elevate ourselves higher after facing life's challenges. Exercise can have a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety and ADHD. It relieves stress, improves memory, boosts your mood and enhances your sleep. 

We are going ahead with the fundraiser on Sunday, 20th June at 11am. It is taking place in Andy Brennan Park in Navan (across from the Meath Chronicle). Myself and Ben will complete 500 pull-ups each but we hope to push beyond 1000 with the support of friends and family on the day. I invite everyone that will be in the area to come down,take part and show your support. We will count every pull-up that will be completed on the day by every single person. You will have our full support to push your limits and even if you can't do a pull-up you are guaranteed to get at least one with our help. 

With the gyms now opening up I am calling for people to make the decision to start their fitness journey. I also understand that it can be hard for people to willingly make this decision so I am calling on all fitness professionals to step up and really become aware of the deeper meaning behind their job. Whether you are a yoga instructor, swim teacher or strength and conditioning coach you must recognize the impact you have on people's lives which often becomes mutual.

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